Announcing BSF4ooRexx version 4.50, 2014-10-14

BSF4ooRexx ( is an external ooRexx function package that allows Rexx programmers to use all of Java. Java will be camouflaged as ooRexx such that Java classes and Java objects appear to be ooRexx classes and ooRexx objects.

As the Java runtime environment (JRE) includes all functionality a modern system needs (GUI, JDBC/RDBMS, SSL, XML, ...), ooRexx programmers can benefit immediately without needing any other external Rexx function package anymore. :)

Best, as Java is cross-platform, the ooRexx programs developed e.g. on Windows will execute unchanged on Linux or MacOSX and vice versa!

New features, changes:

This package can be downloaded from sourceforge, the zip-archive contains the installer for Windows and Linux (after unzipping go to "bsf4oorexx/install/windows" or "bsf4oorexx/install/linux" and run the "install" scripts), the MacOSX versions are available in 32- and 64-bit (recommended) and include the release version of ooRexx 4.2.0.

NetRexx/Java-programmers: please note, there are two JavaDoc archives that document the interfaces between NetRexx/Java and ooRexx, including the abilities for NetRexx/Java to interact with and send ooRexx messages to Rexx objects!

If there are any problems with this release (no known bugs), then please report them that you might encounter at sourceforge (bugs)!

For help, discussions, please use the BSF4ooRexx mailing lists (either the developer or the support list).