oosysdumpvariables.rex:     See "Purpose", below
Copyright (C) 2015 Leslie L. Koehler
This is free software. See "Notice:" at the bottom of 

 Author: Les Koehler vmrexx@tampabay.rr.com

Purpose: Replace SysDumpVariables with Object code that avoids the
         "Carriage Return/Linefeed in data" problem and optionally
         puts the "Name=" data in a fixed width column, along with
         special data validation and hex display of non-printable

Syntax: Call oosysdumpvariables .context~variables , outfile [, width]
                                                             [  15   ]
If width=0 then expanded_dumpvars.rex will not be executed for the
optional validation and hex features, thus CR and LF will be shown as 
<CR> and <LF>.

 Help: oosysdumpvariables [?  /? -? Help /Help -Help --Help]

Credits: Gil Barmwater for LOTS of help with the Object code. In fact,
         his examples were actually copied into the code!

         Walter Pachl for expanded_dumpvars.rex which he wrote for
         my dumpvars.rex and I reused here.

see also: oodumpvars.rex which is a wrapper that adds more features.