Ticket machine

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As soon as you see this ticket machine, you will "diagnose", that all your programming skill is "nonsense" ;-). On the left side of this machine you see all the stations you may get to from the current station. On the right side you see a display (60 Hz) and a lot of buttons and slots.
As long as you're not a child (below 14 years old) or a dog you have to use the left column of the coloured buttons. With the numbered buttons you type in the number of your destination (see left side of the ticket machine) AND with the coloured buttons you type in the type of ticket (one way, 24 hours, 4-ticket, ...).
On the display you see the price the ticket costs. You may pay with coins, or papar money or with credit cards (VISA or EuroCard). You get your ticket in the lowest (and most left) slot.