Your way to the symposium 2004

The following pages describes your way to the RexxLA symposium 2004. It describes the way from the airport of Stuttgart to the hotel "Marriott" (Sindelfingen/Stuttgart) and the way to the IBM Lab in Böblingen.

(You may click on every of the following pictures.)

Part I: Airport Stuttgart (from air plane to railway station)

On the right side you see the airport of Stuttgart.
In the near of these orange ticket machines you will find the entrance to the trains. You need a valid ticket for the train. Please follow the link to the ticket machine.
This is an entrance to the trains. You should follow the train sign (a white "S" with green background).
On the left side of this picture you see the ticket machine. On the right side you see a route plan of the trains.
After you have a ticket you may turn right or left and continue to follow the train sign.
You have to take the train to the direction: "Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof" (railway main station).

Part II: Your way to Böblingen/Sindelfingen

Please take the train with the number "S2" or "S3" to direction "Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof"
With the train "S2" or "S3" you go to station "Rohr". It is the 5th station after the airport. There you change the train to the opposite direction: "S1" to direction "Herrenberg" (or "Böblingen").
After you have arrived at Böblingen, you may take the taxi for the rest of the way to the hotel "Marriott".