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Secure Transmission of Credit Card Numbers

This page explains how the transmission of messages that contain Credit Card numbers from this site are handled.

The first thing you will notice is that on any page that requests your Credit Card number, your Browser indicates that you are in a secure mode. This means that all communication between your Browser and the Web Server is encrypted.

Once the Web Server accepts your encrypted page, it decrypts it and passes it on to the Rexx CGI script for processing. The method used for this interface is HTTPD POST, which passes the data in a stream directly from the Web Server to the Rexx CGI program via its standard input stream.

The Rexx CGI script then uses Public Key Encryption to encrypt the data and emails it to the RexxLA Treasurer. The Public Key used for encryption was generated on the Treasurer's machine. Only the Treasurer knows or has access to the private key that can decrypt the email message.

This mechanism is as secure as we can make it. Some would suggest that this mechanism is more secure than snail mail!

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