Editorial Ramblings

The RexxLA newsletter is meant to furnish its readers with information on any and all Rexx implementations.  Classic Rexx, NetRexx, any Rexx! And not only concerning the Rexx implementations themselves, but also any related information.

An open-ended list of examples:

  • Products which make use of some Rexx implementation, be it embedded or separate.
  • Standardisation efforts, like the ANSI X3J18 Committee.
  • Products which are Rexx-aware, like Xedit, Kedit, RexxTerm, etc.
  • Projects where Rexx-awareness is, can be, or will be implemented.
  • Training and courses in Rexx, like dIon's online NetRexx course.
  • Developers who want to do something with Rexx (whatever it may be).
  • Rexx User groups (creation of-, news from-, local meetings, etc.).
  • Meetings, symposia (like the Rexx Symposium).

I could go on, but methinks the message is clear enough.  If you think we're missing some items or not paying attention to some category, feel free to tell us at Newsletter@RexxLA.org!

What do we have in store for you in this first issue of the new year?  Rick Ellis' first article on PETs, where he tells you that one CAN use a mouse on VM/CMS systems if you use a workstation/PC with a 3270 emulator.  Those who think they know how the FORMAT function works may want to read Brian Marks' first article on the subject.  The conclusion of Mr. Metz's 2-part series on Safe Rexx is another interesting item.  We also have a review of the BREXX interpreter, updated by Frank Clarke.

The judges have returned their votes on the matter of a name for this newsletter.  It's up to the you, the readers, to make the final decision.  So please see the "Name the Newsletter" article and send us your votes!

Of course we do our digging and sniffing around for information we can pass on to our readers, but we're also open to so-called "unsollicited" information, articles, etc.  So let's just erase "unsollicited" from our dictionary, and welcome any information you may wish to pass on.  Would you - as developer - want to determine whether there is any interest in some specific application?  Or if some modification of (or enhancement to) an application would be welcomed by potential users?  We could publish your request or poll.  It would be easier to find by readers than if done on a mailing list or newsgroup, and be more permanently available for the readers than either mailing list or newsgroup.

Something else.  One reader made the comment that it's not so easy to determine off-hand whether an article's main subject relates to Classic Rexx, NetRexx, or is a generic discussion.  Some symbol in the ToC (Table of Contents) next to each article would be welcome, he said.  Since this newsletter is meant to be as easily readable as possible, we'd like to see your suggestions on this too.

And I think some way to highlight ones preferences - like articles on (for example) NetRexx - in the ToC would be a useful improvement.  Maybe you would prefer that articles not relevant to your preferences were just hidden?  Or you yourself might want to make the choice as to highlighting your choices or hiding irrelevant items?  You might have better ideas than the above suggestions.

So please tell us what you think!

F. Scott Ophof (editor), Newsletter@RexxLA.org