Avoiding INTERPRET - 50925

"Value" can act as a pseudo-variable and thus help avoid using "interpret".  Routines which are freed from the shackles of "interpret" become compilable.

    fld    =  "NAME"
    val    =  "John Q. Public"
    $fv$   =  Value(fld,val)  /* loads val into fld */
    say name
      >> "John Q. Public"

When using TSO/ISPF tables, a TBVCLEAR nullifies all the defined fields in the table, but suppose you wish to initialize them to "?" instead.

    "TBQUERY" tblname "KEYS(keynames) NAMES(names)"
    parse var keys  "(" keys  ")"
    parse var names "(" names ")"
    varlist = keys names
    do ii = 1 to varlist
       $fv$  =  Value( Word(varlist,ii) , "?" )

Frank Clarke, nisus@mindspring.com