Announcing the 1999 Rexx Symposium

Be sure to mark your calendar for May 3-5, 1999 and plan to join other Rexx language enthusiasts in sunny Jacksonville, Florida for the tenth International Rexx Symposium.

Plans are well underway for presentations by acknowledged experts in Classic Rexx, Object Rexx, and NetRexx, on a variety of computing platforms from MVS and VM, to Windows, to Linux and AIX, to Java.

Discover how Classic Rexx can ease your Y2K conversion migraine, how Object Rexx allows you to create industrial-strength/mission-critical applications, and how NetRexx makes it easy to write Java programs.  Come hear Mike Cowlishaw and other Rexx experts illustrate how to solve real-world software problems with the Rexx family of languages.

ALLTEL Corporation ( is our host for this year's Rexx Symposium, which is sponsored by the Rexx Language Association ( an educational nonprofit corporation.  Expect to see further information and registration details on the RexxLA website soon.

Chip Davis,

The Rexx Language Association,
POBox 14472
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-4472
"A smart language designed for real people, and vice versa."