Latest on the "Name The Newsletter" contest

The suggestions you sent us are now in the hands of the panel of judges.  All they have is the suggested names, not who suggested them.  But they do know how many times each suggestion was entered.

They will have to make a decision as to which three are the best, and I for one am glad not to be one of the judges; it could become a rather difficult selection process.

As soon as they have acquitted themselves of that task, we will present those three selections to you readers for the final vote in the January issue of the newsletter.

Due to a few timing problems, we haven't adhered strictly to the initial dates set for the various stages of this contest.  We hope you don't mind too much; after all, a good name is not a matter to take too lightly.

In the meantime, enjoy the holidays, and come back refreshed and happy!

F. Scott Ophof,, the score-keeper