Pipelines Day at San Francisco SHARE

The CMS Project of SHARE is considering presenting a full day of CMS/TSO Pipelines sessions at the SHARE general meeting in San Francisco next February.  Included would be sessions ranging from beginning to advanced topics, which may be interspersed with one or two hands-on lab sessions.

Before we get too far along in planning this, I would like to get some feedback from possible attendees, including the likelihood of your attending at least some of the sessions, some idea of the skill level(s) we should be targeting, and views on the utility of hands-on lab sessions.  Are there particular pipelines topics you'd like to see/hear covered which you don't think have been adequately covered in the past, or not at all?

This is your chance to help shape the technical content of the next meeting.  And, if you have suggestions for other sessions the CMS (or other VM) project could sponsor, or if you could be arm-twisted or bribed into presenting a session, I'll take any of those responses as well.

Please respond to me directly at either of the email addresses below.


Mike Harding, CMS Project Manager