Editorial Ramblings

"Rambling" is what I'm good at, according to some people.  Others would use the expression "best at"...  (Off to a good start again, as usual.)

This issue is the first one to be published on the RexxLA web page, with generous assistance from webmaster Tom Brawn.  Let me introduce to you my colleagues, working long hours for peanuts (1) for the simple pleasure of bringing to you anything related to the Rexx language as soon as we can possibly do so.  And at the highest level of quality we can manage.  Peter Buck, Frank Clarke, and Greg Schofield (in alphabetical order) are the supporting pillars of this magazine.  Others might join us later, if and when necessary.  Greg is our correspondent "down under", in Darwin, Australia.

We intend to publish on a monthly basis, though there's no guarantee that we will be able to deliver on the first day of the month.  For the first few issues, we think the 15th of a month can be seen as deadline for drafts of articles to be published in the next calendar month.  That will hopefully give us - *and* Tom Brawn, the webmaster of RexxLA.org - just enough time to be able to publish each issue in a timely manner. (2)

Since 1994, when RexxLA (the REXX Language Association) was formed, we have called this publication "The RexxLA Newsletter".  We think it's time to give it a name of its own, and invite all readers to join us in that effort.  Please read the "Name the Newsletter" contest, set your fertile imaginations to work, and send us your suggestions.  And what made you think of that suggestion.

We want this newsletter to inform you of what YOU want to be informed of.  So don't hesitate to tell us if you're missing something you expected to see in the RexxLA newsletter!  And if you wish to write about something yourselves, again, do not hesitate. "Parse Readers" - our letters-from-readers column - is one way to let us know what you think.  If you have any questions about REXX, Dr. Rx will gladly answer them.  Since this is our first issue, there will be no questions to answer.  So the good doctor will describe a help system.

Now about the structure of this newsletter.  There will be three major sections; "REXXnews", "Columns", and "Articles".  We will try to keep you up to date with the news concerning the RexxLA
organization, update you as to the REXX Symposium, and relay whatever the REXX Standards Committee has been up to, all in the "REXXnews" section.    In the "Columns" section we have "Dr. Rx", "The Scriptor's Maid", "Train/REXX", "REXXwishes", and of course the "Editor's Ramblings".  More will follow in future issues. (3)   The "Articles" section is just what the name implies; articles about all kinds of subjects.  Mike Cowlishaw (The REXX Himself) has an article on using NetRexx in order to make Java programming easier.  I won't tell you all, else we'd not need a "Table of Contents"...


The editor, F. Scott Ophof <newsletter@rexxla.org>

  1. Of course!  But we'll accept donations like buttons, T-shirts, postcards, etc..  As long as it's REXX-related, of course.
  2. Items sent to the editor (newsletter@rexxla.org) need to be at least in plain-text.  HTML items may be attached to the plain-text version. I must refuse items that are not plain-text.  The same goes for items encoded in any way whatsoever.  Pictures will be saved and passed on     to one of my colleagues who can display them (I cannot...).
  3. We'd like to induce a good writer to implement the "Products Review" column, and find someone who would like to do the "REXXnews" column.